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Avalo for companies and enterprises

Make your financial management routines smooth with Avalo cash management software. Avalo provides businesses and corporations with comprehensive local and global banking connections, flexible automation options and smooth system integrations.

Bank connections

Avalo offers connections to all banks in Scandinavia - from local banks to major global financial institutions.


Optimise your infrastructure - Avalo integrates effortlessly with any financial management software.


Boost your efficiency and add security by automating your cash management manual processes.

Automation - simplify payment traffic processes

Avalo simplifies the processes of your company's financial management by automating the everyday repetitive tasks of cash management. Avalo ensures that you can focus on the business’s important strategic goals instead of wasting time and effort on manual, frustrating operation steps. With our intelligent automation you can speed up routine processes, reduce errors and optimise the workflows of your financial management.

Extensive banking connections

Connecting to banks is fast, easy and secure. Avalo offers seamless integration with all banks operating in the Nordic countries which allows you to manage your accounts, monitor transactions and operate payment processes from one centralised platform. Say goodbye to the hassle of logging into multiple bank portals – Avalo brings all your cash management needs under one roof to improve efficiency and control.

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Efficient system integrations

We understand the importance of synchronising your company's financial data. Avalo offers seamless integration with all financial management systems ensuring that cash management fits perfectly into your existing infrastructure. Whether you use any ledger, accounting, payroll or travel expense software, Avalo easily connects to them and offers you real-time control over all your cash management processes.

Avalo Rest API - Customize your payment traffic

For companies with special requirements Avalo offers an advanced Rest API that gives the freedom to customise cash management processes. With the help of the Rest API you can seamlessly integrate Avalo into your own applications, extend functionality and build a customised financial management ecosystem that perfectly fits your company's needs. Avalo's powerful and easy-to-use Rest API unlocks the full potential of your company's cash management.

Cloud solution - Scalable and secure

With Avalo you can forget about investments in infrastructure and software installations. Avalo delivers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud service solution that scales with your company so you only pay for the features you need and the services you use. Our cloud-based platform ensures that your data is processed securely and available when you need it. Experience effective cash management, seamless updates and maintenance, allowing you to direct your attention to crucial financial management tasks.

Optimize your payment traffic with Avalon

In today's fast-paced business environment efficient and secure cash management is the backbone of a successful company. Avalo simplifies and streamlines your financial operations, allowing you to make informed decisions, optimise cash flow and invest in company growth. Avalo is the optimal payment software for companies and enterprises, which offers the best possible solution for automated routines, seamless bank connections and smooth integrations.


Are you ready to take your cash management to the next level? Unlock your company's true financial potential with Avalo's comprehensive features and user-friendly interface. Embrace new chances to enhance efficiency with confidence.

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