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Avalo - for the Pioneers of cash management

Avalo is all you need for cash management Automation - Secure technology, an advanced multi-bank platform and our seasoned professionals. Avalo is a cloud-based solution for cash management that integrates all your financial management systems with banking services.

Bank connections

Avalo offers connections to all banks in Scandinavia - from local banks to major global financial institutions.


Optimize your infrastructure - Avalo integrates effortlessly with any financial management software.


Boost your efficiency and add security by automating your cash management manual processes.

Bank connections

Whether you operate locally or globally, Avalo is your way to a smooth cash management experience that integrates all your financial software with your bank's services. With the help of our long-term experience and our extensive network we have been able to develop frictionless connections with banks, which enables the effortlessness of your payments and account reporting.

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Streamline financial management workflows and make your operations more efficient by utilizing Avalo's Agile integrations. Your experts can focus on the core business processes when all relevant systems are integrated with banks. Avalo enables Agile development of your system infrastructure, as building and modifying integrations is fast and cost-effective.

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With the help of Avalo all the routine tasks of cash management processes from data transfers and conversions to posting can be automated in detail. Enjoy Avalo's flexibility to customize the level of automation to meet your business requirements. Whether it is the processing and approval of payments, reconciliation or posting the account statements, Avalo gives you the control to adjust the Automation level.


We understand the importance of security when it comes to your cash management. That's why we constantly update and improve Avalo and our security processes in accordance with Visma's application security program. Our cloud services are produced from an ISO 27001 information security standard certified service center located in Finland.


We are proud to be a reliable partner for enterprises looking for a secure and efficient cash management and banking connection solution.

Rest-API interface

Avalo offers a modern and secure Rest API that gives you the freedom to customize your payment and cash management process to meet your unique requirements. You can easily customize and develop the financial management Ecosystem you want, which enables you to work more efficiently.

Streamlined interface

Avalo's user interface is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Its lightness and efficiency guarantee a seamless user experience, enabling you to effortlessly handle cash management processes, such as accepting payments with ease. The user interface complements Automation by giving you the freedom to decide which operations are automated and which operations the users control. With this level of customization you can optimize the financial management workflow according to the specific requirements of your company.


The experts at Avalo are committed to helping you succeed. Our experienced cash management and financial management experts ensure a smooth implementation process and make sure that you get the most out of Avalo from day one.

Delivery options

Avalo is provided as an affordable and user-friendly cloud service, allowing you to concentrate on core priorities while entrusting the technology to us. Additionally, we present the choice of a personalized private SaaS solution, Tailoring the Avalo service to your specific requirements. Furthermore, for institutional customers, we offer the option of hosting Avalo in their own data centers, granting full control over both the software and the infrastructure.

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