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What are cookies?
Avalo uses digital tracking technologies to collect information about movement on our website and how visitors interact with us. We do this in order to be able to measure the functionality of our sites and to offer interesting content.

In order to identify the visitor during the entire visit to the site and in successive visits, our site saves a small text file called a cookie in the user's internet browser.

Cookies uniquely identify the browser or device used. By using cookies, Avalo can distinguish one visitor from another and serve them individually.

Anonymized statistics.
Visiting the website generates anonymized information that Avalo uses to improve Avalo's website. When we use cookies in this way, we do not collect or process personal data. Instead, we use anonymized aggregated statistics to make better decisions.

The anonymized data describes the general operation and performance of the Avalon website. For example, Avalo measures how many visitors read our cookie policy. If the statistics show that there are few readers, we will use the statistics to evaluate whether to move the cookie policy elsewhere on the website to make it more visible.

Analysis is used to organize content or ensure more logical functions on our website. We also use cookies to recognize returning visitors to our site and show them what they seemed to like during their previous visit.

The anonymized information we collect includes:

- Information about browser and device types

- Geographic information (limited to the city)

- The user's website behavior, for example, from the referring page to the landing page and further to the exit page, as well as whether the page was scrolled and how far and which links were clicked.

From this anonymized information, we can measure the popularity of the content and decide in which direction we should develop our websites, both in terms of technical development and content.

When we set and manage cookies, including the Wix analytics tool, Anonymous information is not shared with third parties. Anonymous data is subject to security and data protection standards in accordance with valid data protection legislation.

Personal information.
All processing of personal data is subject to security and data protection standards in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation.

How can I avoid cookies?
You can block cookies by using your browser's settings. However, this affects the performance of the Avalon website.

Visitors can manage their cookie settings via the cookie pop-up.


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