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An efficient solution for Nordic cash management

In the era of real-time financial management the speed of cash management, security and process efficiency are vital factors for every companies' success. Avalo is an agile cash management solution developed for companies, ERP vendors and service centers. It offers extensive connections to Nordic banks and the possibility of flexible host-to-host connections to global banks. We integrate and automate cash management as part of financial administration and enable fast and secure bank connections.

Avalo offers connections to Nordic banks which makes it possible to centralize even the most complex cash management environment to one software. We take care of different standards and bank-specific practices for you. Avalo supports the global ISO20022 standard, several Nordic local standards and ensures their compatibility so that your country or bank-specific development work in different financial management systems can be minimized.

Avalo also enables agile connection possibilities to global banks that simplifies the cash management of financial administration systems in different locations. Large international companies can centralize their cash management and banking connections to one software, which harmonizes and makes processes more efficient and brings cost savings.

Avalo is a flexible and easy-to-use tool for all companies that want to optimize their cash management and ensure its smoothness even in complex environments with different countries, multiple banks and financial management systems. Avalo offers a secure and efficient solution for Nordic and international cash management.

p.s. This is our very first blog post. We warmly welcome you to follow our experts' blogs in the future too.


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